Conference : Scaling effectively in exploding FTTH markets

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We are now experiencing some markets that are nearly exploding in the rollout of FTTH networks, which are both exciting and also offer a great deal of risk. The goal of this workshop is to present concrete examples and role models on how to scale and meet market demands while being selective when it comes to methods, solutions and tools.

The three organizing companies along with the guest companies together cover almost all areas of rollout and will give valuable insights, tips and examples on how to create a “factory” for efficient rollout.

Although many countries have already experienced high activity in FTTH rollout, we can now see extremely high activity in some large countries making this workshop relevant and valuable for many players in these markets.

Our CEO as the chief guest among the speakers:

  • Beat Fahrni, IS Tools

With all colleagues :

  • Martijn Rooijakkers, Product Manager, Genexis
  • Aicha Mekki, Marketing Coordinator, Genexis
  • Tomas Jendel, CTO, Hexatronic
  • Per Schjelderup, Product Manager, IS Tools
  • Richard Sinclair, Chief Operating Officer, Zzoomm
  • Matthew Hare, Managing Director, Zzoomm
  • Richard Verhulsdonk, Managing Director, Muncher GF Technik

We’ll be uploading the replay video here soon. Stay tuned!

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