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About 7 years ago, one of our customers decided to find and use his own local solution for his telephone system. The operator of the used software filed for bankruptcy two years ago and the support of the telephone system was solved in-house. The number of people who were familiar with this telephone system was decisively reduced, which significantly increased the risk of suffering a longer interruption in availability if the system failed.

Back to one structure – a telephone system can also be clearly arranged

So the company turned to us to be advised by an external partner. We should examine the possibilities in the offers already received without obligation. The customer wanted a new telephone system and faster Internet access. But it was precisely here that the offers fell back on makeshift solutions, as Interlaken is poorly equipped with fiber optics.

Our own offer, a total of 6 working days, was sufficient to exchange the telephone system at two locations and to enable an Internet connection with the latest technology. In order to simplify the work with the system, we also took a look at the telephone connections together with our customer. It turned out that more than half was no longer needed and could be switched off.

After all the work was done, we were able to retire to a consultative role. We are still available in the background.

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