Critical problems with data transfer

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As an expert for data connections, we were able to identify and eliminate time-critical errors several times during the course of our work. Like a doctor, we looked at the “symptoms” of the malfunction in order to find and eliminate the cause by means of exclusion procedures.

Small test – Big effect

A large telecommunications company, which among other things provided data connections between London, Frankfurt and Washington, asked us for help. As a company that guaranteed its customers (mainly large providers) error-free data transmission, it had to transfer large amounts of data without errors.

The situation was that data transmissions had to be stopped and retransmitted regularly and apparently for no reason. This threatened the smooth running of the work processes and prompted our customer to contact us.

It was noticeable that a bit error always occurred at the same time in the systems of London, Stockholm and Frankfurt. This error disrupted the whole transmission. While reading the manual of the devices used (Nortel Passport), it was noticed that a test was carried out regularly at night. The assumption was that this nightly test was the origin of the problem.

And a new start into error-free work

The review of the system in Frankfurt confirmed our hypothesis: The automated test of the device was switched on there and caused the bit error. To fix the problem, we had to restart the node. We carried out the restart and thus enabled the work processes to run smoothly again. Need help with a similar challenge? We would be happy to evaluate its origin together with you in order to solve it with you. Simply contact us by telephone or contact form.

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