Fiber optics: Forward-looking projects

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While politics is still discussing whether there should be legal regulation to expand the broadband network, others are already taking action. Zurich, for example, began expanding its fiber-optic network 10 years ago in cooperation with Swisscom and is now well ahead.

The role of municipalities

Municipalities should consider where they want to be in 10 years, when the Internet will form the all-encompassing basis.

Lorenz Jaggi of the Swiss fiber-optic network says that the municipalities should pursue one strategy: “It is also possible, however, for a municipality to lay its own fiber-optic cables and invest in the infrastructure”.

Brave people transform the wasteland into an oasis

There are already examples of where this works: In 2017, the municipality of Oftringen decided, together with the local power station, to provide a fiber-optic connection for 70 percent of the houses over the next nine years. Smaller communities are challenged not to live in the wasteland or desert, but to plant and water the oasis themselves.

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