The fiber optic laboratory in Ligerz

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Until recently, Ligerz belonged to the wastelands in Switzerland, at least in terms of broadband access – unnecessarily, as we find. It took initiative to connect the 550-strong community on Lake Biel to the fiber-optic network.

Sometimes all you need is a happy coincidence

Along the railway line, which takes visitors to the railway station situated on the vineyards, there is a concrete shaft with fiber-optic cable or the Internet on it. Next to the station, there is a distribution box in which the fiber optic connection ended and the conventional providers switch to copper or coaxial cables. But we want to offer fast broadband connections.

In 2013, a local organic winegrower planned to build a district heating center and built pipes and shafts. This pipe system was conceptually supplemented in order to accommodate fiber optics afterwards.

In the meantime, a fiber-optic cable has been installed up to our own distributor. Currently we are still small, but we are working to grow further. Monthly we plan to enable two connections for a 1000 francs one-time connection fee. Afterwards, the costs will amount to 40 francs per month for fast Internet, a good that will become more and more important in the future.

Do you need help or advice because you also want to enable your village to have a fast internet connection? Simply contact us by telephone or contact form. 

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