Fast Internet through fiber optics

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Everyone knows the problem of slow Internet. You want to load a website quickly, transfer data or stream something. It takes forever. The more we use the Internet, the more we can do with it, the more data is produced.

The fiber-optic rift of Switzerland

To prevent this, fiber-optic cables are currently the most effective and common way to get fast Internet. This new technology should reach into the houses and even into the apartments.

Although Switzerland is at the forefront in Europe when it comes to expanding the fiber-optic network, around 70 percent of Internet users are still connected to the Internet using conventional technologies.

Outside the major flourishing cities, there is a veritable wasteland. The 30 percent who already have an FTTH (“fiber-to-the-home” or fiber-optic connection to their home) are clearly at an advantage. Their monthly fee for Internet use is usually lower than that of customers who do not have access to the fiber-optic network.

It’s only the last few meters….

And yet it is not so difficult to expand the fiber-optic network across the board. In Switzerland there are various Internet suppliers, so-called providers, such as telecommunications companies or operators of cable television networks. As different as they may seem at first glance, they all have one thing in common: a large part of their infrastructure is already based on fiber optics.

The last few meters are often the challenge. This is where technologies such as copper or coaxial cables are used, which significantly limits the performance of the Internet. Although efforts are already being made to expand the fiber-optic network, these have by no means reached the goal of ensuring that everyone in Switzerland has access to the new technology and thus to a fast Internet.

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